Fresh, Original, Functional

Welcome to the Williamson Holmes bathroom selection. All our bathroom furniture is supplied by high quality German manufacturer Pelipal, therefore, you can expect nothing but the best when it comes down to functionality, design and un-paralleled originality for your bathroom space. Innovative design elements mean that your bathroom storage will be maximised while taking up as little space from the room as possible. Creative additions included within these units such as an iPod dock or a shaving port will enhance your bathroom space and give it a modern edge like no other.

With Pelipal, you get to select what units you want, granting a truly unique freedom of creating a space in tune with your own creative vision. Smooth curves and minimalist lines, accompanied by a diverse range of high quality finished fronts will add a fresh ambiance to your space, and with refreshing lighting solutions, your bathroom will feel open and bright like never before.

“Many thanks for your help! Also thanks to your fitting team.”