Schuller website

High precision German build:

When it comes to quality, you need not look further. For over 6 years, we here at Williamson Holmes have been supplying Schuller’s fresh, contemporary kitchens to countless happy customers.

Founded in 1965, Schuller are at the forefront of innovative kitchen design all around Europe. They’re all about the individual. At Schuller, it’s more than just about kitchens; it’s about breaking new grounds, developing pioneering design and fulfilling customer satisfaction to an absolute tee. At Schuller, just like at Williamson Holmes, “It’s Always About You!”


Hardy website

Traditional flair, coupled with a fresh, contemporary style:

Feel and beauty is key for any great kitchen, so with Hardy, you’re always in good hands. Based in Brittany, France, it is hard not to see the underlying influence of styles that a beautiful, French countryside has inspired.

Their rural selection of kitchens offer provincial style charm with authentic, rustic undertones while their urban ranges offer simplistic excellence moderated by perfect form and dominated by outstanding quality. With Hardy kitchens, whatever your style, there is a choice for you.


Sange website

Superb originality, crafted with meticulous care:

New on the scene at Williamson Holmes, Sange offers some of the most exciting, new ranges of kitchens, exclaiming creative enthusiasm while projecting future trends and styles.

Established in 1949, Sange has continued to break conventional boundaries with inventive layouts that complement your space with unparalleled elegance. Sagne’s rural kitchens transport you to a rustic France with distressed look doors, available in a wide range of color combinations and finishes.

Their urban ranges offer fresh, contemporary flair that will be the hub of your home. Minimalist lines offer you the chance to create an original and uncluttered space, perfect for entertaining friends and family.


Ultima Website

Welcome to quality; welcome to solid kiln dried timbers; to the finest, high tech machinery; to efficient, state of the art production processes; to uncompromising quality and utilization of the highest experienced staff…

With Ultima, a long time partner with Williamson Holmes, you will always be safe in the knowledge that no detail will be spared when it comes down to an authentic, high standard, traditional kitchen, perfectly crafted to suit your specific needs. Hand finished doors in a wide range of colors and styles along with a varied range of fascia materials from woods to vinyls will help you to add a personalized individuality to your kitchen, setting your space apart from the crowd.


Omega website

Affordability coupled with true quality is quite a rarity when it comes down to kitchens, but omega have managed to excel marvelously in both areas. A member of the Williamson Holmes family for a number of years, this British firm offers a diverse range of kitchens form the sleek and modern to the traditional and charming as well as everything else in between.

Quality materials coupled with masterful craftsmanship really champions Omega’s customer orientated ethos when it comes down to maintaining a beautiful balance of both long lasting build as well as affordable quality.


Eco website

Chic, smooth, traditional and great value for money: Eco kitchens have it all when it comes to creating your perfect space at a great price. Gold winners in the Green Apple Environmental Awards, Eco kitchens is a company that cares and with a fusion of different styles and design approaches, it is a company that can cater to your own vision of what you want your kitchen to look like.

A proud member of the Williamson Holmes family, Eco Kitchens utilize modern manufacturing processes and combine them with the latest in both form and functional approaches to create fantastic looking ranges fulfilling both rural and modern styles.

Colonial Kitchens

Colonial Kitchens Website

Beautiful doors crafted with meticulous care, lush modern gloss fascias finished to the highest standards, arrangements of wonderfully formed rural and traditional styles dealing head on with practicality and functionality, colonial kitchens represent true quality for fantastic prices here at Williamson Holmes.

Creative originality combined with the latest in modern manufacturing methods allows you the freedom of creating your own personalized style in a space that you can truly call your own.

“We are extremely pleased with the overall quality and look of our Schuller kitchen, and hopefully we will have many years of pleasure from it”