What we do

At Williamson Holmes, it’s all about choice and freedom, allowing you to piece together your ideas to create a wonderful space that will be the hub of your home.

For over 22 years, Williamson Holmes has been providing high quality kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms to happy customers all around Cumbria and we’re only just getting started. We take your ideas straight to the drawing board and then do what we do best, make them a reality.

We start off with the dimensions, which you can send in, or, we can come round and measure for you. We then try to assess what you, the customer, wants to do with your space: whether it is a kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, we strive to maximize its potential. After that, we do a hand drawn flat plan and then we create a 3D graphic of what the space is going to look like using CAD technology, thus, providing you with a realistic comprehension of what your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom will look like installed and with all the trimmings.

When the layout has been fine-tuned and finished to the best possible standard, we then go on to price up the space, and, with continuous discounts on all selections, you can be sure that you will get the best price possible, a true rarity with such high quality ranges.

Once we have the flat plan, 3D design and quote, we send them to you via post or e-mail and that’s it! No obligation and no fee (if you live in the Cumbria area). It’s YOUR decision and YOU take it from there.

“We are delighted with the quality + appearance of our kitchen and shall happily recommend Williamson Holmes to our friends.”